One helluva decadently wild ride!!

Who is Dallas

I am just a good ol rocker chick from Texas....I call everybody sugar,baby & honey......I luv ACDC,Kid Rock,Bob Marley,Willie/Waylon & Hank,honkeytonks,dirty dancing,shooting pool,strip clubs,old Chevy pickups,skinnydipping in a creek,Blue Bell ice cream & pecan pie....and of course, sipping Jack & coke!

I believe in "Keepin it Real" & "Keepin it Dirty"!!!



Added on May 27, 2015

I'm glad she didn't post the picture of me in the blue T-shirt with my dick hanging down. That shirt says all that needs be revealed about her

Added on July 20, 2014

I have had some wonderful experiences with Dee and it would be difficult to review just one. I do remember the first time I met Dallas. She met me in the elevator and had her tongue down my throat before the second floor. I had her panties in my hand by the third floor. From that moment on it started getting hotter.

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