The Ride

The Highway to hell Yeahhhh Itenerary:

BubbleBaths...let's start our fun by my giving you an aromatically & sensually stimulating dip in the bubbles

Girlfriend activities...snuggling under the sheets/oily body rubs/kissing & making out/foot massages/and so much more gentle loving

Prostate play...A prostate orgasm is the most intense experience a man can have..It will leave you weak and totally exhausted and it is the closest a man can come to experiencing the powerful feeling of a female multiple orgasm

Pegging/Strap on..I have several sizes and styles to accommodate any taste

MMF or FMF or SpiTROASTING...I have a male available for several scenerios {bi-oral or straight}..or bring your buddy along

Edging/Tease & denial..slow and soft sensual seductrion with hot oil building to an orgasmic eruption

Crossdressing...I LUV a man in lacey pik panties!!

Cum take a nibble on my legendary long labia..AND WAIT TILL YOU FEEL MY ELUSIVE SNAPPING PUSSY!!

I have a portable massage/pleasure table for tours..and at my home incall I have a milking/massage table!